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artists24 Help / FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions from our users and visitors.
Please look first here, if a problem arises. Thank you!
If you can`t find a solution here or have an idea, please contact us.
We will reply as soon as possible:  Mail to artists.de

If the links on this page don´t work, you are using an outdated browser.
We recommend a modern and secure browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

General Questions

The main questions and answers for new and prospective members,
in particular to the costs !! Please read first.

Are there hidden costs? NO !
You will always be asked before any costs occur. In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.

Is and remains the membership for free? YES!!!

But what is after this 2-month free premium membership?
After the expiry of the free time, you need take no action and your free membership remains completely intact.
The various possibilities for a membership and services you can find here .

How do I become a member of artists.de and what does it cost?

Just register with artists.de: Click here!
Membership is totally free. There are not any costs for usage. Only in the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.
In addition you will get a 2-month free premium membership to test all the advantages.
This will end automatically. No actions needed. Your free membership stays with you.

Why there are only works of art - Where is the list of artists?

The concept of artists.de is to show art, like in an exhibition.
Our visitors are looking for paintings or sculptures, by size, price and also by certain content. If they are interested in a particular image, they click on "more information" and see the artist´s name, format, etc. and also other images of the artist. From there, visitors can also directly enter the profile of the artist's and, when interested get directly in touch with him.

However, if you look for a particular artist you may do this with the artist search or extended search and receive a list of artists which match your criteria. In addition name similarities are considered.

What is the difference between the memberships for artists, gallery owners, collectors, etc.?

The various options for memberships are explained here.

What does artists.de offer to art friends or collectors?

Art collectors will sign up as a collector. After signing in you can add artists of your collection and works of art you like to show or sell.

Membership is free for collectors.

How does artists.de differ from other networks (like Saatchi, artmesh)?

First of all, artists.de focuses on the German speaking art market, which is one of the most exciting artmarkets in the world. Most German speaking visitors prefer to be guided in their language.

Second and even more important is our focus on the presentation of your artwork. Visitors can poke around or use comfortable extended search options to find artwork of their interest.

I already have a website. Why should I register with artists.de too?

Many artists have their own website. But usually it will be found only when searching for your name.
On artists.de collectors and art lovers are looking for artworks, styles, or even price.
The more information you attach to your work of art, the better it will be found.

A big advantage is that you can update your presentation at artists.de very quick and easy by yourself.
Also you can link your existing website with your presentation at artists.de.
On top, artists.de offers a premium artists website. More information here.

I want or have already an Internet address, such as www.MyName.com.

If you have a premium membership you will receive an own Website at MyName.artists.de.

If you already own a domain such as www.MyName.com, you can redirect this domain to MeinName.artists.de.
(Ask your provider for details.)
If you do not have your own domain, you can get one at any provider for a small amount.
and then redirect this domain to MeinName.artists.de.

I have no own website and I´m not a programmer

If you have no website yet, you can get a free website at artists.de.
It is very simple, thousands of artists from all over the world are using our free offer without any programming knowledge.

If you want a completely independent and ad-free web presence, you can upgrade your free account against a small extra charge.

For more information, see premium membership.

Where can i find the link to my artists.de site to send it out?

In the members area you will find the possibility to send automatic invitations to friends, acquaintances or collectors. Premium members even can attach an automatically generated PDF-catalog at their mail.

If you already have a website, you can link to your presentation at artists.de directly with a link or banner.

If I publish my works in english version, will it show in other languages too?

Yes, english and other language versions of artists.de (german, french, spanish e.g.) differ only in the user interface.
If you publish your work in either language, it will show up in all other languages too.

How can I sell my art with artists.de?

artists.de is not a dealing platform, but connects artists, collectors and interested visitors.
In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.

To offer a work of art, go to "My artwork / edit" and enter a price (Euro) in the "sales information".

If you do not want to specify a price, you can also leave this field free. But we strongly recommend to specify a price. Experience shows, that pieces of art with price will sell much better!

If the work is not for sale or already sold an orderform will be shown.

In a special menu you can enter your PayPal address and your bank-account.

What are the conditions in the case of a potential sale?

You negotiate directly with the collector.
In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision.
The amount of provision fee paid, differs depending on the status with artists.de. Members with a premium account will pay a provision fee of 10% of the sales price. for all other (non premium) members the provision fee is 20% of the sales price. The provision fee will only be charged from the offerer. A provision fee for the buyer will not be charged.

I don´t sell my art or everything is sold. Can I still show it here?

If everything is sold or you will not sell your art, we will still be pleased to show your work on artists.de. Please just mark "not for sale" or "sold" for those pictures.

What are the most popular works?

Under "most popular" the visitor will find the most popular works of art ordered by the number of bookmarks of art lovers / collectors.

How can I become a curated artist?

artists.de elects every week an artist whose work we find remarkable. This artist is presented minimum a week long on our homepage. The decisions are made solely and independently by the editors. Proposals unfortunately are not taken into account.
More on the selection criteria can be found here.

A good text improves the perception and understanding of your work.
Please keep this in mind when filling in your profile.

If you like the texts, which we write to curated artists, you can order a text for your works at a reasonable. Please contact us.

What are the favorites lists and virtual collections?

Each visitor can add images to its own list of favorites and build a "virtual collection".
This is done by using the link next to the image: "Add to Favorites".
Automatically the image appears in your favorites list.

Artists in which you are interested, you can put on observation. You will then receive a message when these artists insert new works on artists.de.

As a "free curator" you can show your favorites collection to other art lovers.
You need a minimum of 5 Favorites to become a "free curator".
You can change your choice at any time or terminate its publication and still keep your favorites.

What does "Editors Choice" or "tip" mean?

Our editorial staff subjectively select works from which they hold noteworthy.
Also issues such as the autonomy of the work and vita of the artist are taken into account.
If you have suggestions about a very remarkable work of art, please submit a proposal.
Send us your suggestion via e-mail

How do I become certified member?

Individuals send us a copy of identity card or passport together with your User ID.

For more information please look here

Either as a PDF mail to artists.de
or fax to: +49 211 61019655
oder by mail to: artists.de c/o 4D Projects GmbH i.L., Fürstenwall 228, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

How much does it cost?
This is a free offer until Nov. 31st. 2009.
From Dec 1st, premium members get this as an additional service for free.
Others will have to pay once the sum of 5 Euro.

What possibilities for cooperation exists with artists.de?

We are thinking about cooperations with gallery owners, collectors, dealers and artists' associations of all kinds which want to integrate a larger amount of pieces.
We will provide special interfaces to our database.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of an exchange of promotional activities
with corresponding expected traffic.

Just contact us.

How does artists.de finance the website and pay its personnel if the membership is for free?

artists.de is free for artists and visitors.

However, we offer for a small fee a premium membership.
This offers you the advantage of an own professional website without additional effort.
On top there are many features included for premium members.

In the case of sale of an offered piece of art the seller has to pay a provision. The amount of provision fee paid, differs depending on the status with artists.de. Members with a premium account will pay a provision fee of 10% of the sales price. for all other (non premium) members the provision fee is 20% of the sales price. The provision fee will only be charged from the offerer. A provision fee for the buyer will not be charged.

More information about premium you will find here.

What happens with my personal data in artists.de?

Important personal data is transmitted through encrypted and secured connections.

artists.de will never offer any personal data to third parties.

How can I terminate my membership with artists.de?

Why should you do this?
Your membership is free of cost and any other obligations.
If you have questions or problems of any kind, please feel free to contact us.

To terminate your membership is quite easy:
Log in and go to "my profile / edit".
There you find at the bottom of the page the button, "terminate membership and delete everything".

This will be irretrievably erase all your data.

Premium Membership:

What is a Premium Membership?

Each new registered member will receive a free 6-week premium membership, besides the free standard membership.
During this time you can take advantage of every premium feature and think about whether this is worthwhile for you.
You will receive a unique Web address: yourname.artists.de with an ad-free website in different professional designs to choose from.
(On request and against fee www.yourname.com)

Premium members pay only a provision fee of 10% of the sales price (instead of 20%)

All your works at artists.de will appear on your private page and vice versa.

The premium membership will terminate automatically if you do not renew.
Your free standard membership, your uploaded pictures and your profile will stay completely intact and usable.

Further information about the advantages can be found here.

How does a premium website look like?

You can find a sample here and another here.
Other differences are explained here.

Do I have to upload my pictures when I change the membership?

No. There is no problem at all to up- or downgrade your membership.
All your images and information will stay at your account automatically.
There is no action required from your part.

How do I administrate my premium website?

Your premium website can be found instantly under yourname.artists.de.
This name can be altered in the members area in your profile.

At first you can choose a design template in your profile. Please try different ones.

On the start page, your picture no. 1 will appear.
This and the sequence of images can be changed at "my art / change".
On the bottom of your premium homepage you will see your statement, if filled in your profile.
Biographie and other personal information will appear as soon as you filled in your members profile.
The contact form will be sent to your chosen email address.
The imprint shows the marked fields of your profile.

Are there any rebates / discounts ?

There are discounts for students and members of art associations and clubs which we offer a discount code.

Students are during their studies free premium members. Just click on student in your profile. Please understand that we may occasionally request proof of your studies.

For more information about discounts, please click here.

What happens after the expiry of the premium membership?

The premium membership is not renewed automatically, but can always be activated again. All settings are retained.

Your free standard membership, your profile and uploaded images are retained and can be found at artists.de. New images can be uploaded if you dont exceed the number of pictures for the standard membership.

The differences between standard and premium membership are shown here.

Technical Problems

I can not register at artists.de

You can register here.

Please note the error messages in red.

Please check in the settings of your browser, especially if cookies and javascript are enabled. If not, then correct the settings of your browser.

The user name should not contain special characters, and should not be used.

The password must be at least 6 characters, only A-Z and 0-9, no free and special characters. The capitalization will be saved.

For your security, please enter the 5-digit code of the anti-spam graphic in the field beneath..

We recommend a modern and secure browser like Firefox or Opera.

If you still have problems, please write to us: Mail to artists.de

I registered with artists.de - Whats next?

You will immediatly get a confirmation mail, to proof if your email is correct and if it is you. who wanted to register with us. Please click on the confirmation link in this mail.

If you shouldn´t get this confirmation mail immediatly, please check your spam box if it is there and mark it as not spam. If you still cannot find this confirmation mail please contact us and we will help you.

After confirming, you will be able to login here with your username and password and fill in your profile here and upload pictures here.

After successfully logged in you will see the navigation on top of the screen.

I have registered but cannot login - Forgotten Password

After registering, you get an email to your chosen email address.
In this email you will find an confirmation link, which verifies your email-address.
After you clicked this confirmation you will be able to login with your username and password.

If you shouldn´t get this confirmation mail immediatly, please check the spam box of your email client if it is there and mark it as "not spam". If you still cannot find this confirmation mail please contact us and we will help you.

To login, browser cookies have to be activated.
Passwords are case sensitive.
Do not mess up username and password.

If you have still troubles to login, try it with another browser like Firefox or Opera.

Lost passwords cannot be retrieved, but you can order a new one on the login page.
This will be sent to your registered email.

If you changed your email address and cannot receive your new password, send us an email and we will help you.

I have registered but cannot be found at the artists search
Where is my artists website?

After registering and filling in your profile, you should upload some pictures of your art.

When you have uploaded your first picture you will be found.

Your artists website you will find hier: http://guest.artists.de
(This link will show up only if you are logged in.)

I can not upload pictures / My images are not displayed

If you're having trouble uploading your images, these are the most common causes:

Please login first and go to "members area", here "upload art".
Format of the image: Please use only JPG or PNG. We recommend JPG.

The image file size is bigger than 3MB. Already up to 2MB large files guarantee an excellent image quality.

Other possible problems:
You are working behind a so called firewall which prohibits file upload: Ask your administrator.

Your browser can not upload a file:
We recommend a modern and secure browser such as Firefox or Opera.

Javascript is disabled:
In the settings of your browser, please enable Javascript.

My images are displayed too small or in a poor quality.

All uploaded pictures will be recompressed on the server. To get the best quality the uploaded picture should be in very good quality and size should be around 2 MB (MegaByte).

Best quality is gained, if picture size width is 1000 and height 800 pixel.
Bigger pictures will be downsized.
Smaller pictures will not be resized and can result in a poor quality.

You even can exchange a picture later by re-uploading it.

What does "number of visitors and favorites at ..." mean?

When I click on "more information" at my image, i see the number of visitors to this image and the number of visitors which bookmarked this image. This is to control which images are favorites of your visitors.

This information will only be available to you once you are logged in.
Visitors can not see this information.

How can I change my website, telephone and fax link?

To create a link to your own website please go to "My Profile / edit" and enter the link to your website, for example http://www.artistxyz.com/. Then click on the checkbox "show in profile" and on the bottom of this page on "save changes".
Now the link to your website will show up in your profile. You can switch that off an on as you like.
The same applies to your telephone and fax numbers.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, please login and go to "My Profile / edit".
There at the bottom you can enter a new password.
Then click on the bottom of this page on "save changes".
Now your new password will be active.

How can I change my name / artists (displayed) name?

To change your name (eg pseudonym / artist names), please go to "My Profile / edit".
In the box "your name of artist will to shown in profile" you can enter a new artist name.
Then click on the bottom of this page on "save changes".
Now your new name will show up in your profile.

How can I change the display or description of an image?

Quite simply:
Log in and go to the Members section on "My Artwork" / "Edit"
You will see a list of your pictures.
Click "Edit Picture", then you can change or add the information of this picture.

You can also re-upload the picture, for example, to exchange it against a better or subsequently insert a watermark.

How can I alter the order of my pictures?

By default, the latest pictures are on top.
To change the order, log in and go to "My Artwork" / "Edit"
You will see a list of your pictures.
In front of the the pictures are fields with the numbers for the order.
"1" is the first picture, etc..
Change the numbers and click "change order".
This also affects your premium website.

How can I change my username?

Its quite easy:
Login and go to "members area", then to "my profile".
There you can change your username / login name.
Spaces are not allowed in username as this name ist your URL as: username.artists.de

Can I sort my artwork into portfolios?

Premium members can create portfolios and sort their pictures to this portfolios.
To do this you first have to go to admin portfolios and create one or more protfolios.
After that you can sort your new or uploaded artwork into your portfolios. This can be altered at any time.

A group of works can only be deleted if the associated images from this group of works have been removed

How can I show my videos on artists.de ?

artists.de offers the option to integrate your YouTube videos into your artists.de profile.

First you have to upload your video on the YouTube portal and then copy the video code into our form. This is quite simple.

Upload your videos into your artists.de profile.
FAQs and HowTos regarding YouTube videos.