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Ian McNicol

USA (United States)

Kunstart: Skulptur
Technik: Materialmix

Vita / Lebenslauf:


ESCO Corp., Portland, OR. May 2008 to present.
Rapid Prototyping Detailer
· Fine detail and finishing work on 3D digital RP models for new product development
and promotional materials.

ArtWork Fine Art Services, Portland, OR. 2006 to present.
Crate Builder/Installer
· Build museum quality shipping crates for fine art and antiques, load and prepare
crates for domestic or international shipping and traveling exhibitions.
· Assist in handling and installation of fine art objects in private residences and
· Onsite custom wrapping, packing, crating for galleries, museums, public art

Roseland Piano Co., Milwaukie, OR. 2005 to 2006.
Key Builder/Woodworker
· Construction of piano keys and soundboards-gluing, clamping, machining.
· Packaging and crating shipped materials.
· Wood shop maintenance.

Bruce West, Fine Artist, Portland OR, 1995 to 2005.
Studio Technician/Art Welder
· Construction and installation of large-scale direct metal sculptures.
· Stainless steel and bronze TIG, MIG welding.
· Grinding, burnishing, polishing, and fabrication of ferrous/non-ferrous metals.
· Design assistance, model building, tech support, digital photography.

Ted Vogel, Professor of Art, Lewis & Clark College. 1997 to present.
Studio Assistant
· Assistance in production of ceramic work for gallery exhibition.
· Gallery installation, packing and shipping.

C. Russell Darmour, Fine Artist, 1994 to 1999.
Studio Assistant
· Assistance in pattern work, including production of GI-1000 and GI-184 silicone
rubber molds with FGR plaster mother molds.
· Production of ceramic, hydrostone, and Forton MG cold-cast sculptures.
· Production of waxes for bronze-casting.
· Hand and air-gun patination of sculpture for exhibition, sale.

Articles & Features-

Streets of New York for Manhattan TV, produced by Daniel Reton. Airing date TBA.
Oregon Home Magazine “Portfolio�?, feature. July/August 2003.


Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon. Bachelor of Arts—Fine Art Studio.
Degree completed Spring 1999. Studio sculpture and ceramics.


NWEAMO. Board of Directors, Art Direction, Photography, and Concert Logistics.
Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; SOHO, NYC. 2001 to present.

SEAMUS. Adjudication Panel, Art Direction, Photography, and Concert Logistics. 2004.

PICA. Volunteer assistance during the 2001 Dada Ball.

Aktivitäten / Ausstellungen:

Lane Community College Art Gallery-Eugene, OR. February 2009. Solo exhibition,
new work and installation.

Synergistic Cavalcades-Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, NYC. September 2007.
Group exhibition, new work.

Instamatic-Gallery 7126 In e Pearl, Portland, OR. June 2007. Solo exhibition, new work.

Portland Catacombs-Portland Art Center, Portland, OR. October 2006. Performance art
installation, group show partnered with Fever Theater and Hand2Mouth Theatre.

The Afterthought Series-Gallery 7126, Portland, OR. June 2006. Solo exhibition, new work.

Visual Arts Showcase-Beaverton City Library, Beaverton, OR. February 2005.
Juried group exhibition.

Before and After the Frost-Gallery 7126, Portland, OR. December 2004. Solo exhibition.

Art 197-Blondi Salon, Portland, OR. July 2004. Self-directed group exhibition.

Lake Oswego Festival of Arts-Lake Oswego Performing Arts Center. 2003, 2002, 2001.
Honorable Mention awarded in two categories, 2001. Open show.

Artsplash-Tualatin Commons. 2004, 2002, 2000. Juried group exhibition and sale.

West Linn Solstice Celebration-West Linn Community Center. June 2003.
Two person exhibition.

Works of Faith-First Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR. 2008, 2004. Juried group exhibition.

Gifts of the Spirit-First Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR. 2003, 2002, 2000. Invitational.

Wilsonville Festival of Arts-Wilsonville, OR. 2003, 2001. Juried group exhibition.

Belinki & Duprey Gallery- Portland, OR. 2003, 2002. Ongoing inclusion in monthly group

Celebration of the Arts-2001. Oregon State Capitol. February-March 2001.
Juried group exhibition.

Fragments: The Composition Suite-Evans Music Building, Lewis & Clark College. April
through May 1999. Self-directed site specific installation.

Mr. Ages’ Room-Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lewis & Clark College. April to May 1999.
Senior Art thesis--self directed installation, ceramics and cast sculpture.

Notable Projects-

People Hangers and Piano Hands, 2000.
Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR; Reed College, Portland, OR.
· Design, construct, and implement wood fabrications for live Fear No Music
performance of Kali Yuga by composer Joseph Waters, PhD.

Lewis & Clark Commemorative Bust RESTORATION. 1996. Lewis & Clark College,
Portland, OR.
· Restoration of turn-of-the-century busts of Lekwis & Clark, Lewis & Clar
Centennial Exposition, 1905. Permanent Collection, Fields Art Building, Lewis & Clark

13 x 22 x 3 cm
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A Soul Cage
122 x 122 x 12 cm
Preis: 1.820 Euro
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